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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Lesson Adventure Can Be Anywhere

"The Park"

"The Park"

These words I hear from my sweet, precious twin girls almost every morning.  All three of my children love to be outdoors.  They were born to be out and about and off to an adventure of some sort.  Homeschooling this year using the Leadership Education (TJED) philosophy has been the best blessing.  I love what it teaches and instills in not only my children, but for myself as well.  At one of our local parks today, the children played for awhile and then started to get bored and my son Caleb I could tell needed a shift.  He needed a shift in activity.  I had brought a few sight word books and animal flash cards which all three of them had gone over when we first had gotten to the park.  I thought to myself, what can I do?  The wind began to blow and the tree branches with their leaves were swaying.  I immediately thought a science lesson on trees.  We talked about what things trees provide us with.  Caleb immediately knew that trees provided shade, sources of food, paper and I went on to talk about more.  Lastly, I wanted him to know how trees provided us with oxygen.  Immediately he responded that oxygen is needed for us to breathe.  I was so happy that we were able to have this short, sweet lesson and yes, it was at the park. 

But wait, the lesson did not end here!

My son started to sneeze.  Last year his doctor had diagnosed him with seasonal allergies.  He does not have it often, but when he does I feel bad for him, my poor little thing.  He sneezes, eyes get puffy and watery, along with the scratching of his face around his eyes.  So, right after he had sneezed, he pointed at a tree and said, "mom, look right here."  I did and he began to explain to me that that tree was in its season and that it was causing his allergies to act up because it had pollen.  I totally thought wow, my son just gave me a lesson on how a tree had pollen and connected it to his allergies.  Yes, I was amazed as any mom is when their child shares with them the knowledge that they have inside of them.  I gave him a big hug and then off to walk back home we went.  I felt good about our park outing today and enjoyed seeing yet another example of TJED at work in my home, or in this case the park!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Socialization within Homeschooling

I always have those people who feel the need to voice their opinion about how homeschooling my children is not good for their socialization.  They tell me that how could my children possibly get all they need socially.  Well, I always respond back to those same people nicely that my children have no problems socializing with those their ages as well as those younger and older. Of course, I give them a smile to show that I am happy in my decision with homeschooling in every possible way!

I believe that as a mother it is my right to choose what is best for my children and that includes their education.  I have friends who have their children in both public and homeschool situations and respect their decisions equally.  I believe the main thing is that we all want what's best for our children and every family is different.  We know that this is quite alright and respect each others decisions! 

My children on a weekly basis play at local parks, visit our local library, visit Fairytale Town, and do various activities that include being around children up to adults of all ages.  They do pretty well at handling each situation and I feel very comfortable within my element.

So, just in case anyone still wonders what I think about this term Socialization involving my children the answer is, I am very pleased and also thank you for your concern!

A picture with the Magician

The Holman girls with my kids
Drayon, Andrew and Caleb at Mikal's Birthday  

The Mott boys with my kids


I have many other friends with whom my children play with, but you get the picture.  They are totally socializing!