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Our World

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm That Mom...

What a wonderful evening it was having a date night with my girls thanks to some dear friends of ours who gave us tickets to be able to go to the Disney On Ice show!  This was our first time and they enjoyed every minute of it!  Seeing their eyes twinkle with much delight, their big smiles and looks filled with anticipation of what might happen next was the cutest!  I will say that these girls felt like the princesses that they were watching during the show.

Of course, they would look around and see a child next to us with Frozen Popcorn, wands, princess necklaces, and much more.  You name it and they were probably selling it there.  I am known to be frugal and maybe it's just my frugality but I just do not go to these types of events to spend more money to buy overpriced food, snacks and the works.  That $15 princess necklace, I am sure I can find for $1 and that popcorn I can make at home, put inside a Frozen themed bag and call it a night.

I guess you figured out already that I did not purchase anything while we were there. Did my twincesses get sad a few times?  Yes, they did.  But, I have always explained to my kids why I choose not to at these places and they do understand.  I am sure they feel like they are missing out at times, but I assure you that we do many things and they have made so many great memories.  All three of our kiddos have and continue to do so.

One parent next to us had purchased everything from the cotton candy to the wand and I could see my girls stare for a few seconds here and there and then go back to watching the show and have those bright smiles again.  On the way out heading to our car another little girl kept asking her parents why she could not have the $5 coloring book and her mom simply replied that she would not spend $5 on that.  I overheard and commented how we could totally get a Disney Princess coloring book at the dollar store.  The two parents smiled and I smiled back.

Is there anything wrong with parents wanting to purchase things for their kids at these types of shows and more?  Absolutely not!  It just won't be me and I am fine with that.  For me, the savings add up.  After the show we headed home and made a quick stop to grab their treat a $1 ice split into two cups and they were so happy!  I was happy too!  

Because of my only paying for the parking and the icee treat, I will be taking my son on a date night next month!  Of course, I will save money when choosing our date night then too!  What can I say?  I'm That Mom!  Well, a Frugal Mom that is!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scentsy Delivery

Kylie and Blue

 Earlier this evening my husband took one of our twin's with him to our son's soccer practice.  After they had left the other twin and I finished up packaging Scentsy orders that had come in so we could get them ready for deliveries and pick-ups.  I wanted to make sure that our dog had his walk before my husband had gotten home as I knew that would be one less thing that he would need to do after a long day from work today.  Thankfully, Blue has been getting better with his daily walks.

Well, one of the orders needed to be delivered to a friend nearby and Kylie wanted to hand deliver their package, so we took care of that while taking our dog for a walk.  As we were doing this I thought to myself what a wonderful thing this is.  I was doing work for my business while spending time with one of my children and walking our dog.  I know that I have been able to do so much with my business while being home with my children and it has been such a blessing for me.

This has not been something new, but since I began this journey I have been trying my best to really take the time to notice all of the little things that I have been able to do with my Scentsy business and what a wonderful thing it is.  From being home with my children, being able to continue homeschooling and all of the relationships that I have built have been huge blessings in my life. Maybe they are small things, but together they bring so much more.

The other thing is that I wanted to be more than just a Scentsy Consultant.  I wanted my customers and team members to feel and know that I am there for them and want them all to succeed.  I knew that I too wanted to succeed and by getting to know each other, working hard, striving for the best, staying positive and motivated would help.  The relationships with those that I have come into contact with have been nothing less than amazing and I want to share that with them.    Scentsy is more than just a sweet wickless candle company.  It truly is so much more.  I have been able to reach goals that I never thought imaginable, am fulfilling a dream and it keeps on growing.  You can reach your goals too!  You just need to not be afraid to Chase Fireflies!!!!

I Love being a Scentsy Consultant!!!

Scentsy Orders!!!