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Our World

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Am A Mom And So Much More

Alright, I have been having feelings off and on for a while now that had left me feeling that to the world I am just a Mom. 

I know, that is ridiculous. 

Truly, I am so much more and not to mention a Daughter of a Heavenly King!

Let me explain how these feelings had come about.

I went from working and going to school with one child, to going to school and back to work after having twins, then eventually to staying home with all three of my wonderful children and homeschooling.

So many changes in really short amounts of time.

To my children I am their Mom and to my husband I am his wife and mother of his children, but sometimes you forget that there is so much more to yourself.  At least, this happened to me. 

I am sharing this because it felt so strange to have these feelings inside of me, being the bubbly and outgoing person that I am.  It was as if everything that made me who I am up to a certain point was no more.

 How could that be?

Well, it couldn't possibly be and deep inside I knew I had to keep searching for the rest of myself.  I knew I had so many gifts and talents to share with the world if I could just get passed this. 

Well, guess what?  Last week I had an EPIPHANY!!!  I am so blessed and grateful that I did.

Honestly, I feel like little seeds were being planted all along that I was just not aware of.

It started with what seemed like little things that were obviously huge steps into the light for me.  I started scheduling workouts for myself, joined my church ward choir, started giving a friend cello lessons, and started my own business, to name a few.  How excited I have been.  I am such the frugal gal and it has been awesome to keep sharpening my skills with couponing and other saving strategies.

My children see my drive and the passion in the things that I do and I know it is very inspiring to them as well. 

I am more than a mom who deeply loves her children.  I am a daughter, wife, sister, niece, cousin, and friend.  I enjoy playing my cello, singing, being a consultant, staying fit, cooking, couponing, being frugal and chic, reading, learning, and so much more. 

But, you get the picture.

Even before my epiphany, I was still happy and enjoyed my calling as being a stay at home mother, but I do not feel defined by this one aspect at all and I know my children, husband, family and friends all see me as more as well, and this is a great feeling!