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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Staying Frugal and Chic With Coupons!

I absolutely love coupons!  No worries, you read that correctly!

After my husband and I had our twin girl's, I knew we needed to save more money.  Honestly, if I only knew, I would have been couponing all of my life.  I enjoy helping to provide for my family with items that we will use on a daily basis for less and even free.  I am also able to get items for beauty products that I otherwise would not buy.  Hey, this frugal and chic Mom wants to look fabulous too!  At a great price, of course.  I am able to try new products which provide me with high value coupons and it makes me jump for joy.

Many folks watch the Extreme Couponing show on TLC and then tend to think that all couponers are like that and that is not the case.  I am glad that they have shown people doing it big to help others with huge donations and I have even watched an episode who showed a vegan lady couponer.  I buy healthy foods for family with so much more and with the money saved, I can buy more of what I could not get with my coupons.  Also, they do provide coupons for meat products here and there, along with produce which is awesome!

Every family who uses coupons, use them in their own way.  No matter what, it is very important to organize them in a way that fits best for you and keep track of sales, expirations dates and more.  Yes, I spend some time every week with my coupons, but I save so much that it is like a part time job, but for me better.  I know it can seem crazy or scary at first, but trust me just try it.  We do not buy a newspaper and I am able to get inserts thankfully by the kindness of others who would just throw them away or have clipped the coupons that they want and give me the rest. 

It has been a blessing. 

After all, the whole point is that I am trying my best to save money where I can.

I use the binder method, so guess what my next post will be about!  Until next time!

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