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Our World

Friday, April 12, 2013

Slow Down At Least For The Scriptures

My daily life is always busy.  Life in the fast lane of a very outgoing son and twin girls.  They sure never miss a beat.  I am happy to be their mother and would not change it for the world, but it does not mean that at times I do not get overwhelmed.  During this past General Conference for church, I felt that so many of the talks were meant just for my ears.  I love how under the guidance from our Father in Heaven, the leaders in my church can convey messages of so many meanings to each of us as individuals.  One of the many messages that I took dear to my heart was on finding a way to hear our children in the way that they need.  How I speak to one of my children may not be how I need to speak to the other.  This goes with our childrens emotional, physical, educational and spiritual needs.  It totally resonated in my heart and mind.  Sometimes that tiny whisper is all one needs to hear.  One thing that is helping me on a daily basis is my daily prayers and scripture study.  During both of these times I am able to slow down.  I am able to slow down and really search out what is needed in my life at those very moments. 

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