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Monday, June 24, 2013

Core Phase Working in my Home

Today was one of those days that I am already looking back at and know that Core Phase is definitely in motion with all three of my children.  We started a nightly family meeting just last night, thank you to a friend and mentor of mine and am so glad we did.  Our meeting is just to inform and go over with the children what we will be doing the next day.  There was nothing to think about when we all woke up because the children already knew that their dad would leave for work while we were eating breakfast and that we would be deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, along with reading our family classic Pinocchio  and various other tasks.  My son did not ask me what is next or when could he have his free play.  There was no need to, because we already had our family meeting. 

My kids are learning the value of hard work and why work comes before play.  My oldest Caleb takes pride in  his cleaning jobs and does not want to have to clean the same thing twice.  I don't blame him, so hopefully he always thinks like this.  By the time they have play it feels great because they have already done some work.  I love that learning has become part of their play.

 Kylie and Caylee like to see what I am reading  or writing about and will go to their bookshelves and grab flash cards, books, paper or whatever they feel they need to come sit by me and work as well.  I absolutely love it because I am inspiring, not requiring them.  Now, Caleb is a few years older and he just amazes me with all he picks up and chooses to do for his own personal study, which really is part of his play.  In our house we structure time out for each day, but do not fill it with their content.  This has helped my children  right now in these early years to start realizing that they are in charge of their own education.  The same goes for me.  I work on my personal study as well.  Right now I am finishing up Anne of Green Gables and have started writing a paper.  I am not doing this for a class, just for my own personal study. 

What can I say other than it feels so right and great in my home right now.  My children will be building on from this Core Phase for the rest of their lives and I am glad to guide and mentor them in having a great foundation, along with adding onto mine as well.

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