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Our World

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Blessing of Family Executive Meetings

Having three children in Core Phase and having to run our household while my husband is off at work could be hard with educating them at home.  But, I am so thankful to know what the Seven Keys of Great Teaching are and it gives me great comfort to put them in use on a daily basis to the best of my abilities.  Everyday my kids and I are growing and therefore our abilities should be changing as well.  When I first took my son out of public school, I had already started reading A Thomas Jefferson Education.  Everything I had read was truly what I knew I wanted for my children and myself.  I was just not sure how to put everything into motion and get things going in a way that would work for my family personally.

 I was thankful that a friend of mine had lent me her Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning a while back, because it answered some of my questions I had after reading the first book.  Sundays are an important day all around for us.  It is the Sabbath Day, a day of church fellowship and meetings, a day of rest, and now the day for our FEC meetings to help prepare us for the week ahead.  Last night my husband and I discussed our children, what they are doing well with, what they could and need to be focusing on along with what our calendar will look like for this week.  Since our children are all in Core Phase, our priority is their core values along with their learning through play.  Work always comes before play, and when we work hard we get to play hard. 

Learning has become something that is just fun for my children.  They are able to really use their imaginations, find what gets their juices flowing and run with it.  Reading aloud as a family (around 1.5 to 3 hours per day) has also opened the doors, especially for my son on what excites him as well.  He enjoys learning about the Middle Ages, knights, drawing, building with legos, painting, learning about animals, playing outdoors, learning to read, reading with others and so much more.  I truly believe that the environment he is in, as well as my daughters has made all of the difference. 

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