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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What A Blessing To Have This Special Lady As Our ES (Educational Specialist)

It is October 2nd and I wanted to make sure that I finished this post tonight!

Well, where do I begin?  I made a decision that I was going to homeschool my children in October of 2012.  My son had just started Kindergarten over a month before.  It was not something that I had decided before I had children or anything like that, but something that had just fell into place.  I had prayed about it and much consideration had taken place to get to this point.  After having multiple conversations with a few of my friends, I decided that I was going to not only enroll my son with South Sutter Charter School, but I wanted to use the TJED philosophy.  Was I crazy?  Not at all!

Honestly, I was very excited for my family's new journey.  But, at the same time, I was nervous knowing that I would be working with an ES who would be assigned to my family through the school with not ever meeting them beforehand.  Seems so silly, right?  At first, that is how it seemed to me.  I actually had signed my son up for the school year that summer and had left after just talking to our previous assigned ES a couple of times.  Something was just not right and the spirit was telling me that it was not my time.  It was disappointing, but something greater was in store.  Every ES is different and it is not to say that they are not a great fit for other families, but it was just not going to work for my family.  I guess you can say that was the very beginning before I gave it one more shot!  This next shot was the real deal, so to speak.

Anyhow, I was guided to try again and everything felt so right!  From day one Barbara had shown a light that has only shined brighter and brighter with the time she has spent with my family.  She has an essence about her that is absolutely wonderful.  Truly.

My son gets excited to see his Mrs, Barbara every month.  He talks to her about many things and she listens.  Children really enjoy having conversations with adults and knowing that we are truly listening and are being engaged.  She knows his strengths and what interests him and even made a work folder for my son.  He has enjoyed Mrs. Barbara bringing lots of stuff  that our family can use for our learning every month and wanted to have other options of things he could do during certain times of the day.  Last month she had put in some fun worksheets on trucks, art, math, French, practicing writing, and sheets that go with the DRAW WRITE NOW books.  No, these things are not required for my son to do.  But, he likes to do these because they always pertain to what he is excited about.  This has been a great addition that she puts together herself.
It is great to have Barbara in my life.  She is more than an ES for my family.  It is nice to have meetings at my house where we even have a chance to eat lunch together sometimes and have meaningful conversations that even leave me more inspired after she has left.  I am very grateful and thankful for her making this an amazing experience for me and my son.  My twins love her as well and next year they will have her as an ES too!

Before she left my house yesterday, my son was talking to her about a few things and he had mentioned to her that he was going to practice skating outside for the first time.  Immediately she had told him that he was learning by practicing his skating.  That it could count for physical education too.  But, not only that, he was learning a new skill.  Of course, Caleb smiled.

The more I have implemented and created a Leadership Education (TJED) within my home, I am happy to say that this lady only adds to it!  It is great to talk about classics with her too!

Thank you for all that you do seen and unseen!  We truly appreciate it!

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