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Thursday, November 26, 2015

You Silly Goose We Must Open Up And See What's Inside

Oh, silly goose!  Petunia is her name as well as the name of the book which is a wonderful children's picture book filled with so much interpreted through a sweet story with wonderful artwork.  Last week my daughter Kylie picked out a book from the library that she wanted to read.  Actually, it's more like wanting to read from looking at the cover.  I don't mind.  We always have over 100 library books in our home at any given time and as long as I take a peak and find it alright we give it a go and bring them home.

We are a homeschooling family as you know and I do something with my kids 5 to 6 days a week known as our "kidschool" which takes place in the morning after our devotional time and we all are gathered (sweetly for the most part) around for me to read stories, go over things that I am excited to share with my kids, educational games and more.  It can last anywhere from two hours or a bit longer.  It just depends.  Then we break up and my kids get excited  for their individual studies (learning with one on one), more family work (chores), and so forth.  You could say that most of the time we are all excited for our chores.  They have their days!

We do a lot of reading in our home and love every minute of it.  I love that my children enjoy reading as well just as much as I do.  Why?  Because to some reading is just simply reading but to many of us out there it is so much more powerful.  So many doors are opened becasue of it and we grow not only individually but together as well.  I guess this is why I teared up reading Petunia aloud to my children.

The main character Petunia was tired of being the silly goose.  Can we blame her?  She stumbled upon a book and remembered a family sharing how wonderful books were and how they can bring us great wisdom.  She did not realize however that just holding a book under her wing was not what could bring her that wisdom.  She thought that was enough.  Poor Petunia.  After the catastrophic events that took place with her friends all because she thought she was smarter than everyone else because of the book under her wing she came to realize something after it fell to the ground and it opened up.  There were pages and they were filled with written words.  These were words that Petunia could not read.  And this is where I began to shed tears while finishing up reading the last few pages to my kids because these words were and still are so very powerful.

"It was not enough to carry wisdom under my wing.  I must put it in my mind and in my heart.  And to do that I must learn to read."

After we finished this book a thought entered my mind of why I felt these words strongly in my own heart and mind.  We will often go places and people often ask my kids what they learned in school today.  They always smile and say that they are homeschooled and how they were able to read so much that day.  Such beautiful answers as yes, we read a lot and so much of learning is from reading with added projects and more.  We are able to do so much but I will say that reading jump starts so many things!

In order for our children to gain much knowledge and wisdom we must make sure that they have great access to the great books from before our time and of our time today.  I love this quote from President Gordon. B. Hinckley.  Think of us adults.  In order for us to become better educated in any topic we must read from the great works.  Just like the Gospel.  We cannot just carry our scriptures under our own wing without reading the words written inside of them.  We would lose and miss out on so much.

I have found an eternal book friend who is my book twin! We became friends through belonging to the same groups online which all include books.  It is wonderful.  Brenda and I have read books that speak the same volumes to us and I truly cherish our book conversations.  We just get one another and it is a wonderful thing.  Hello Brenda!!!!!

I cannot imagine my children not being able to experience the Gospel through scriptures, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Little House Series, Pinocchio, Frederick Douglass, Mary Seacole,  Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Linocln, The Trumpet of the Swan, Number the Stars and The Harry Potter Series, along with all of of the great people and works from long ago through today.

So, yes!  We must put the written words in our minds and our hearts!

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