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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homeschooling And Making Use Of My Local Resources


I absolutely love homeschooling my children.  It was something that I had prayed and prayed about over and over again.  The spirit was always strong in that yes, I was to take the step and do it.  My family makes it work and I enjoy the Thomas Jefferson Education way, along with the South Sutter Charter School.  Right now in our lives I could not see it any other way.

My son is so eager to learn so many different things and I enjoy that we can both learn new things together and as a family.  There are those that might think that my children do not get much socialization, but let me assure you they do and so much more.  My son has learned how to deal with not only those his age, but those younger and older as well.  Since we have taken the homeschooling route I have made sure to learn about and use all of my local resources that I can for my children on a weekly basis.

My family and I are so lucky to live near a wonderful library.  We are there at least twice every week.  They have so many free programs for children, school age and adults as well.  We love their Story Time program that the youth services librarian has put together. The children that go there get to listen to her read a couple books, sing songs and have fun play time every week.  It is a great program for children up to age five.  They always have something going on for everyone and it is a great free resource for not only checking out books, movies, science kits and free passes to the Children's Museum, but also for so much more.

There is a program where we live called First 5 and they are another wonderful resource that my family uses.  They have weekly play groups for children up to age five and they get to do fun art projects, have toys for the children to play with, read a story during snack time (they provide the snack).  Every six visits the child gets a free book to pick from a box and take home to add to their library.

The internet has so many free websites that can help with many subjects and I am grateful to be able to utilize these as we absolutely enjoy getting free history audios to download for use with schooling worksheets and lesson ideas all from the world wide web. 

Our home is a great resource as well!

Just take a step back and look at what's all around you, there are so many more resources that I could go on, but you get the picture.

Homeschooling continues to be a blessing for my family and with learning about and utilizing our local resources it can be an even greater experience!!!

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