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Our World

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Preparing For Our School Year And Letting This Ship Sail

Another school year will soon begin. Technically that is, since we belong to a charter school.  Last year was our first year of both charter and Leadership Education.  It has definitely been a blessing for my family.  My son has an amazing Educational Specialist who comes to our home once a month and at times twice a month and not once have I felt weird or out of place for using the philosophy of Leadership Education.

I am so excited for this school year as I have made a few changes for my children as well as myself and I am finishing up making our living room and kitchen perfect for us.  I wanted to redo these two rooms for the simple fact that my children and I do a lot of schooling in these rooms.  This has given me a reason to finally finish decorating and making our rooms both beautiful and cozy with a purpose in my mind. I am not finished, but am almost there.

After reading a blog from a lady who uses Leadership Education in her home, I decided to add what is called "sharing what's mine."  The only difference is that I will be calling this "momma's corner."  What this basically entails is that I will set aside one part of each school day to sharing/ teaching to my children something that I would want them to learn right along with me.  What a great idea! My focus will be on Social Studies and Fine Arts.  I am so excited and this will be a fun adventure for my family.  Our circle time will be changed around a little bit and I already have our list of classics for the year. I was given a new set of chore cards from a friend of mine that will work out great for all three of my children and am setting this up as well.  My kids love family work. When we work hard, we get to play hard.

I am ready to board this ship and see where it takes us!!!


  1. Wow, you are really pumped! Good job mama! I need to redo my school shelves, but while I have been THINKING about it, you are actually DOING it! Yay!

    1. I really am pumped! You will get to redo your school shelves! It's not as if you are busy with a new baby girl and have other children to take care of, which you are doing great by the way!!! These two rooms just felt like rooms and nothing more. Now I ENJOY being in them and I believe the kids will as well! Yay for us!