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Our World

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time For A Wonderful Season

Things always seem busy in the Sanderson house.  But, this is the season in which things seem to get even busier.  Yet, somehow we are able to enjoy the little moments even more!  Snuggles and reading stories with extra blankets on the couch or in my childrens rooms, having hot chocolate not because of the weather, but just becasue we can and with extra marshmellows.  That is the way Caleb likes to have it.  So many precious moments that I wish I could just capture in a jar and open it to relive that moment at any time.  That would be quite awesome! 

I have always been quite the planner.  Things needed to be followed accordingly, or I would just feel that things were falling apart.  Bring the twins into the picture and it was just total chaos for quite some time.  Have a schedule?  You could just throw it out the window.  What was the point?  It took me a long time to learn that it was alright to have a schedule, but to know that if things did not go accordingly to plan it would not be the end of me or the world for that matter.  Don't get me wrong, I still like to stick to somewhat of a schedule for the structure of my family, but I do not fill it in down to the mintue of every hour. 

I enjoy the month of December so much!  My heart is filled with so much joy.  The lighting of the candles, visiting with family and friends and so much more just really keep it going.  My children enjoyed helping to decorate our house and put up the Christmas tree and we have been making crafts, such as our paper roll Nativity Set.  It has been so much fun to enjoy these things with my family.  The girls are totally into it this year and really are starting to understand what the Christmas season is all about and it has been great to already see how Caleb thinks of others and has been wanting to help and adds things on his Christmas list that are not for him.  It melts my heart.

Today we enjoyed putting puzzles together, coloring, practicing our French with Pezi le chien, taking bikes and a scooter to the park to release some energy, read more about the Donner Party Expedition in our historical fiction book and so much more.  No matter how much sleep I do not get, I would not change these precious moments for anything in the world!  I am truly blessed!


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