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Our World

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Fitness Adventure for this Frugal Mom... Right Here!

Anyone who is a family member, friend, acquaintance, or simply reads my blog, knows that I am a frugal gal and I truly embrace it!  Just hearing the word makes me excited!  I enjoy saving money and still being able to live good and know that my family is very blessed on so many levels.

I am also someone who seems to always be on the go, all of the time!  I admit it.  I am a busy body and am fine with it.  The only issue was needing more energy when my husband and I went from one child to three.  There was a never ending need of more arms, literally.  Well, obviously that was only a dream and I totally decided to kick it in gear with my fitness for more energy and feel better about myself. 

I just had one issue.  I was not going to pay for a gym membership,  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  I have family and friends who do and I applaud them for it!  Remember that FRUGAL quality?  Well, I could not even get myself to pay the money, even though I knew it was for a great cause.  Call me cheap, but I just couldn't. 

So, I started by having a friend and I workout at my house with me, going to a friends house for a while, to working out solo.  Being solo by the way is awesome sometimes!   But, it is also great to be around others who are wanting to change their bodies for the better good of themselves and to feel great about themselves!  Yes, fitness is fun.  Then, I found the BEST Zumba instructor in the world! 
Say what you want.  But, I am very particular about how an instructor runs his/her class and Keri is the bomb and more!  Thankfully, she teaches a class three days a week for free.  Truly, so kind.  Two days are a location near where I live and have been going strong ever since I came across it and have been bringing others her way as well.

Another long time friend of mine had kicked her fitness routine into high gear and even offers a free bootcamp style workout one day a week and I was able to make it today and even brought someone with me.  Go Nikki!  My point is that the world is my playing field and I can workout whether I have a gym membership or not, and so can you.  My kids are included a lot with my workouts and sometimes I have to stop right in the middle to attend to them.  But, it does not stop me one bit!  I keep it moving and jump right back in. 

Between Zumba classes, Gilad videos, Suzanne Bowen videos,  walking, jogging, running, videos that I check out from the library such as the S.W.A.T videos, adding my new bootcamp class when I can attend, bike riding and so much more, I have not seen any reason of why I cannot workout.  Fitness has truly become a part of my daily life and I love it!  Without challenge, there is no change and that goes for fitness as well!!!

Find a workout buddy, group, or go solo!  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself healthier both physically and mentally, and just plain feel better about yourself!
  I am going strong almost two years later!  Hooray!!!