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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Using the 99 Cent Only Stores and Library for my Frugalness

If you are a family member or a friend, you know how frugal I am!  It's in my blood and I get so excited all day long about my savings.  I eat, sleep, and even dream savings!  I am sure my family and friends have heard enough or want to laugh at times, but I know they have seen how much I truly save.  I am good at what I do, only get what my family and I will use and I truly appreaciate the simplicity that has come along with my mindset. 

Coupons are amazing and my coupon binder is like gold to me.  I have my own special bag for my coupon binder and it always comes with me to the store.  Coupons are money and I treat them as such with tender care.  One thing I have noticed lately is many people stop at coupons.  Not this gal over here!  Coupons are only one aspect to the many that add up my savings.

You probably have a 99 Cent Only Store in your neighborhood or close by.  Well, many people shop at these stores, but are not saving money.  Here is the problem, they are buying so many items and think to themselves that because it is cheap they should just buy it.  Wrong!  You want to maximize your savings, right!?  I know I do!  Here is my saving tip for all of you readers, we want to only buy the high value saving items and shop in the store during their new shipment days.  Hey, I just shared with you two savings tips!  I went in today to grab those high value savings and totally scored with a huge jar of pickles and boxes of Kraft Fresh Takes with three flavors in a box.  A great deal!

Onto your local library.  I just love my local library branch and my family makes use out of it weekly!  We arre usually there twice a week.  They have programs for all ages there that are free to the community.  My children absolutely enjoy all of the programs that they get to go to there.  Being a homeschooling mother, I especially enjoy that they have such a variety for children. 

Get to know your librarians!  We have gotten to know most of our librarians very well and I am so grateful for the help, support and guidance they have shown me and still show me regarding many things when I have a question or need help with something.  They are always willing and wanting to help us and it is awesome.  I had known very early on about our Seed Library that our branch was starting, before they even finshed with having everything ready, up and running.  I was so excited and happy that our local branch had recieived a huge donation of seeds from a local garden store.  I am happy to say that we have seeds planted and doing well already and we have a few more to get started.  Savings on produce everyone!  Plus, gardening is a great project to work on with your children!

Now,  the library just has so much to offer, from language programs, free museum passes, books, movies and I can go on forever.  I think you get the point.  We actaully have a few shelves dedicated to our library checkouts and we enjoy it.

Go see what awesome stuff your library has to offer!


  1. Good point about the 99 cent store! We don't have those anymore but we do have good ol' Dollar General...and you're right--I've been guilty of over-spending there because of the mindset of, "But it's only a dollar!" And we love our local library, it's such a goldmine of resources! Thanks Madelaine for the awesome tips...again! :-)

    1. I am so glad you and your family utilize your local library! It really is full of riches. I will be keeping the tips coming. We totally can go into a dollar type store and spwnd so much without realizing. We just must be cautious and only buy those high value items which truly make the purchase important! Thanks for reading Amy!