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Our World

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our New Year of Homeschooling Adventures Has Begun

Wow!  We have started another school year this week and it is more amazing than the last!  I feel that each year my family gets in a better groove.  There is always room for improvement with anything, but we are finding what really works for us.  It sure brings a smile to my face.  My children are thriving in the learning environment that my husband and I have provided and that is what brings me great joy.

TJED has definitely  been a wonderful experience and it does not just magically all come together right away.  We did not get here over night, but the blessings are amazing and well worth it.  Just keep at it, reading, soaking up all you can learn and be an example.  Model what you would like to see happen.

My girls enjoy doing chores.  That's right!

We were able to score this Children's Britannica Encyclopedia set for FREE!  Everyone knows I love a great deal and saving money!

My son will frequently let his sisters join him during computer time that he has earned for learning games during the week.  Very sweet, as I know being a brother to twin sisters can be very rough sometimes.

This is what an Evening looks like in our home!  Yes!  Isn't this great?!  TJED Ingredient #12 Evenings!  This is a beautiful sight and just melts my heart!

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