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Our World

Friday, May 23, 2014

Precious Birthday Blessings


My children are growing way too fast.  I cannot believe my Kylie and Caylee will be celebrating another birthday tomorrow.  It still brings me back to when I was not sure that they both would be home with my husband, son and I.  What a tough few weeks for us it was.

Where do I begin?  After heading to the hospital a few times  because of bad contractions, the third time I stayed.  The staff did all they could to stop the contractions and make sure our babies would stay in my womb as long as they could.

I was very grateful to receive a blessing from my Father-in-law and brother Roberts.  I felt after tests and finding nothing regarding what was wrong, it was one of my only hopes into making sure things might turn out for the better.  Literally hours after, I was transferred to another hospital and they ran another test.

The doctor came in and told me we could not wait for our doctor and that he needed to deliver the babies right away.  It turned out I had severe preeclampsia and I immediately began to panic.  At the time I had no idea what he was talking about, my husband was at work and I missed our little Caleb.

Praying was all I had left in me for the moment in time and I was scared.  I wanted an epidural shot and did not get one and was very tired.  My husband was able to make it and our families as well.

One thing I still wish could have been different was seeing my baby girls after they were born.  My husband was able to see them, but they took them away to NICU as soon as they came into this world.  I still am sad about this today, but I cannot change this.

The girls were not able to come home right away, but the staff at Mercy San Juan were the best and I would not have changed that at all.  My girls were treated like the princesses they were and I am so very grateful for that.

One week later we brought home our daughter Caylee on my Mother's birthday!  We had given her my Mom's name as her middle name when she was born.

Two weeks later, we brought home our daughter Kylie on my Mother-in -laws birthday!  We had given her my Mom's (husband's mom) name as her middle name when she was born.

Truly gifts from Heavenly Father!

It was a difficult time dealing with Kylie's heart monitor, having twins and making sure I did my best with our son as well for the next few months.  It was not easy, but we managed.  

My heart grew bigger and I went from loving one child to three in an instant and it is a wonderful feeling.

Four years later tomorrow, we have been on this road and we are not stopping!

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