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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday Always Sets The Tone For The Week To Come

When you read Leadership Education: The Phases Of Learning, you will come upon what is known as "Ingredients" and there are a total of 55.  That number can seem like quite a lot.  But, as parents we are the experts in our own home and know what is of importance, can work, will not work and so forth.  Since I have started my journey on TJED, I have fine tuned and found what works better for my family and what simply we can do without.  As the seasons change, obviously what works and is best for my family will change.  But, with the guidance from my Heavenly Father, I am not worried at all.

One thing for sure is Sundays are a must!

This day had already been of importance to me.  But, as I incorporated Ingredient #1: Sundays, it has become even more crucial to keep things the way they are now for my family.  With our FEC (Family Executive Committee) meeting in place on this day, it truly has set the tone for our week.  My husband and I are a team and we discuss what is going on during the week, how our time will be spent, discuss our children and with my seven year old son he let's me know what things he would like to work on and helps me in planning field trips.  My son and I also talk about his feelings, what is of importance to him in his learning and we talk about how his Core Phase is coming along and how he is growing.  He knows that before he will move on to LOL he must have the Core Phase Curriculum down. 

That's right on page 40 in the book, we know there is a simple curriculum which consists of:

right and wrong
good and bad
true and false
family values, especially spiritual culture
family identity, including family history and mission
family routines and responsibilities
the value and love of work and play

In this simple curriculum of Core Phase, a lot is covered and they are of great importance.  As an adult, I know we can always add to what we have learned and gained during this phase, but it is crucial to lay the foundation.

Yes, my children and I learn a lot each day and work on topics in many subjects, but my main focus is that my children understand that Core Phase is the basis for a great life.

Taking care of pets is an important job.  It is not just about playing with them.  Who says hard work cannot be fun?!

I have said it before and will say it again.  When we work hard, we can play hard and even enjoy it more!

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