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Monday, May 12, 2014

Frugality Wins...Even on Mother's Day Weekend

A beautiful weekend it was!  Every single moment I treasured and it has been locked away in my memory jail, as my son puts it!  Memory jail is for those memories that you want to keep and do not want to let them go.  One thing for sure, was that even during this past Mother's Day weekend, my frugal thinking had to be turned on.  That's right.  No break and spending regular price.  That would be outrageous.  At least for me.  Everytime I need to buy something, there is a plan.  I know that when I make it to that finish line and leave the store, I will be glowing all over because of my savings!

I have embraced my frugal ways and have been refining them all of the time to master my skills more on a weekly basis.  This is one of my TALENTS!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I am mastering a talent of mine and am very proud.  I even read books on this subject matter that I pick up from my local library.

I have a post on the 99 Cent Only Stores on my blog, but I covered food.  There is another reason I stop into these stores.  I am able to get other items that would cost a lot more money at other stores, but these items will end up here.  I am talking about brand name items from stores like WalMart, Target, KMart, and many more.  I have been in need of new sunglasses, since my girls had messed mine up last summer.  But, I would not buy any because I wanted the best possible price.  I know that it can seem a little out of the ordinary, but I can't bring myself to pay full price.  It's not happening. 

Have you heard of Foster Grants?  Me too.  Well, I snagged two pairs of their sunglasses marked at $15 each.  That means I would have paid $30 regular price and I snagged them for $2.  A great deal in my book.  I must stress again that it is important you do not shop at these stores to fill up a cart with items just because they are $1.  I go to these stores with a plan.  I am only looking for amazing deals that I know I cannot get for a better price and are worth my $1.

This is the one store that I do not take my coupon bag inside.  But, with always having a plan, I am saving so much and spending very little.  Get to know your wokers at these stores.  I have enjoyed getting to know the workers at my local 99 Cent Only Store.  I talk to them all of the time and they enjoy my children giving them hugs and saying hello.  They have also gained some valuable tips.  I know when to scope out the store and I always feel comfortable asking them what other items have not been brought out from the back yet.  Very friendly staff and I truly appreciate all that they do.

Check out a store near you!

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