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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yes! I shop at Kohl's and Save!

This morning my son and I stopped by my Grandma's house to spend some time with her.  It's her birthday and we wanted to surprise her with a warm drink on this rainy day!  Before we left she gave me two of those $10 Kohl's promotional gift cards.  She was not going to use them and knew that I would put them to work.  My Grandma knows me so well, right!?!

So many people tell me that Kohl's is very expensive and that they do not like to shop there because of that.  Well, I am here to share with you a little secret.  Are you ready?  I am Frugal and I shop at Kohl's.  Actually, I find it quite opposite from being expensive.  At least, with the way that I shop.

This morning after leaving my Grandma's house I decided to make a stop at Kohl's.  I was on a mission.  My twins needed new underwear badly.  They both needed new sizes and different ones at that.  They are growing like weeds.  How lucky was I that they had a package of 9 pairs of underwear on sale.  Thank goodness.  I always want to get the best bargain with or without a coupon.  so glad I waited on their underwear.

Here is the break down of my savings today.

1)  I did two separate transactions. This is a must as you want to maximize your savings.  I always tell people that they should always shoot for spending around the amount of the promotional gift card.

2)  At Kohl's and many other stores you can save in more than one way.  Today I also used a 15% off coupon on top of the promotional gift cards for both transactions.

3)  You will want to sign up for a free Kohl's Rewards card.  No matter how you pay for your purchases, you can earn $5 rewards for every 500 points.  It is fantastic!

The packages of underwear are normally $18.00.  With the sale going on they were $13.50.  I then had my 15% off coupon which brought the total down to $11.47.  After that the cashier scanned the $10.00 promotional gift card with the total now down to $1.59.  Since I had two separate transactions completed my total out of pocket was  $3.18!

I scored 18 pairs of underwear for my girls for $3.18!  I sure did my happy dance!

Hope these tips help.  Let's stay FRUGAL!

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