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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Making Audio Books Accessible For All With LibriVox

My children and I have found that we really enjoy listening to audio books.  We go to our local library weekly and have found a great selection.  The only issue is that we eventually have to return them and I have found that I want to have them on hand at all times.  Starting my own audio book collection is very important and doing so with the least amount of money is a must.  I know that Audible is a way to get amazing audio books, but at this point in time I will not be a member any time soon.  I am very frugal and find many resources to make things possible with spending the least amount of money.  It helps my family to save for things that we need or would like to do later.

LibriVox has been my frugal answer!

I am so thankful for the many volunteers that have taken their time to make this work.  I have also done some research and this seems like the best site to actually get free audio books to download onto your computer, flash drive or even burn onto a disc.  The other wonderful thing is that it is ad free.

Once you are at the website, click on CATALOG and it will take you to the next screen where you can search by author, title or reader.  There are many readers and everyone will have their own preference when it comes to style of reading, along with voice.  For those of us who belong to the TJED Discussion Group on Facebook, we are lucky to have links saved for certain past discussions and there is one regarding LibriVox readers that others have preferred to listen to.

Thank you, Heidi! This gal has kept up with connecting past discussions according to topics making them accessible for us at all times.

Once you find a book that you would like to download, click on it and then you will see a screen like this.  This is The Adventures of Pinocchio (version 2) by Carlo Collodi.  Now, look at the picture on the right of the screen.  This is where you can download the CD case insert.  I would definitely recommend doing this if you are making CDs.
 Happy Listening!

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