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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bringing Fancy Nancy To Life

A few months ago my children stumbled upon the Fancy Nancy Books at our library from author and illustrator duo Jane O'Connor and Robin Glasser.  It was no surprise to me that my daughter Kylie absolutely loves the character of Nancy.  She is quite the fancy girl herself.  But, my other daughter has a love for the character's go make it happen attitude which was not surprising either.  What had caught the attention of my son Caleb was the inserts of French words and meanings throughout each book.

A few days ago we read Fancy Nancy Ooh La La!  It's BEAUTY DAY and it was very fun.  It was all about Nancy wanting to make her mom look fabulous for her birthday and turns their backyard into a spa.  Very fun!

Well, we just had to bring the book to life.

After we read this book, I wanted my girls to have their first SPA pedicure experience and it was at home, of course.  Must stay FRUGAL!

 My husband had gotten me a spa foot bath for Christmas and it has been something that I have wanted for a while.  I love the idea of pedicures and having them done often, but am not willing to pay a lot of money for one.  I know, my mind stays on frugal at all times.  It was a lot of fun to be able to have my girls test the spa foot bath out and they enjoyed every minute of it.

We also made up fun names for the nail polish colors that they had chosen.  Kylie's was Rose and Caylee's was Apricots and Peaches.

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