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Our World

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Unexpected and Special Moment During A Bloody Situation

It was a wonderful Saturday all around from a Baptism to a day spent with family and friends.  Our evening was going great and then something quite unexpected happened.  All of sudden my daughter Kylie began to scream and my son and I ran into the girls room.  The first thing I saw as I walk in was my daughter Caylee making a scared and disgusted face curled up on her bed in her blanket.  I reach my Kylie's bed and she had thrown up.  Yes, I know that this happens.  But she threw up blood (along with clots of blood).  It was all over her hair, clothes, pillow and sheets were soaked in it.  To say the least, I was quite freaked out.  My son ran to grab towels and I reached for my phone to immediately call my husband.

As I was trying to calm my daughter because she was frantic and she was filled with so many emotions, I tried my best to remain as calm as I could and let her know that I would get her all cleaned up.  I let her know that a nice bath would help.  She had just taken one a few hours before, but obviously this was a must.

My son overheard me mention a bath and he runs to the bathroom.  The next thing that I hear is the water turned on and he is letting me know that he is getting things ready for her to get in the bath.  I was overwhelmed with the warmest feeling inside.  I personally felt lifted up.  With my husband gone at the time, I was scared.  We dealt with some issues with our twins when they were babies and I immediately began to have flashbacks.

I am very thankful for the thoughtfulness and great concern my son had that night.  It brought tears of joy.  Caylee was quite the trooper herself. She does not handle situations like that very well and she did her best to cheer up her sister from the other side of the room.  She is known to make herself sick by witnessing a situation like that one.

I am glad to share that after she was cleaned up and everything was being washed, we watched a movie together and what was left of the night went smoothly as possible.  Soon we will find out what is going on as other experiences have been happening.  Staying positive.

A fresh start with everything clean again!

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