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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Love For Barbara Keeps On Growing...She totally is a TJEd Mentor All The Way!

Well, this past school year just flew by with our charter homeschool.  We definitely will keep a schedule during the summer, but will have a lot of outdoor and fun activities throughout!  We are so fortunate to have our ES Barbara.  She is such a gift.  My kids and I are keeping her.  As summer approaches, we only have one more meeting for the school year and it makes me a little sad, but we will be keeping in touch over the summer.  We also will be having a lunch date with just us adults and my friend who also happens to have Barbara as her ES.  We are the lucky ones.

Let me explain what an ES is.  It stands for Educational Specialist.  At our charter school each family is given an ES and they are there to help support you.  They also take care of monthly samples to put in each child's portfolio, help the parents with choices in curriculum (if you choose to go that route), help in putting purchase orders together, enroll students in classes if they want to take any, keep attendance and records in general, along with so much more.  I would say that the main thing is to serve as a huge support system for you and your family.  I will say that Barbara has been the most supportive ES that I could ever ask for.  Honestly, she listens to me and values what I feel is best for my children.  She always gives such great advice and at the right time when it is something I need to hear.  Always!

Again, she has always supported my wanting to use the TJEd philosophy.  This woman gets it and totally is a TJEd mentor!


Yesterday we had our monthly meeting and we were chatting like normal about books (we love books and so do our kids), along with taking care of the attendance and all that good stuff.  Then, we moved on to what our kids were learning about and how one of her son's were all registered for the upcoming school year with South Sutter (the charter school we use).  I mentioned how my son Caleb is all signed up with Duolingo to utilize the free program for his French.  Learning a language young is awesome and French is part of our heritage.  Totally making my Grandma proud!!  My kids and I are having a fun time with it.  Truly something special.  It just so happens that one of her son's is taking Spanish in school right now and Barbara decided that she is going to learn Spanish as well to help out, along with just to learn for herself.

Here we go with

You, Not them and

Inspire, Not Require

I am very excited that she will have all three of my children under her watch for the upcoming school year.  I would not have it any other way.  Again, we thank you for all that you do for our family and for your friendship too.

We love you!

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